Preciso Bid-Smart Advertising

Accelerating ROAS Through
Precise Media Buying


Precise strategies to boost  ROAS of your  campaigns

Our flagship product Preciso Smart-Bid Platform uses customer journey data and machine learning to optimize serving dynamic creative ads. By prediction of customer behaviors, it calculates the optimal value of placements in real-time bidding marketplaces.

Dynamic Ads

Preciso Smart-Bid Platform evaluates users at each stage of their online journey to power dynamic ads which are performance driven. Our bidding win rates are typically in the 20-30% range.

Mobile Web & In-App

Reach your target audience wherever they may be. With cookieless targeting and integration into the top mobile attribution partners, we have zero limitations reaching shoppers on their mobile devices.


Use video for product consideration, for expanding the targeting pool, and moving shoppers along various stages of their customer journey.


Tailored solutions designed around your needs

We believe that no size fits all when it comes to online advertising. Our approach is to align your brand marketing goals with precise tactics that use your first party data. With our propreitary Real Time Bidder technology platform, Preciso Smart-Bid enables you to go beyond media metrics and drive better ROAS.

Be Top of Mind

Generate brand awareness and identify optimize media spend for the most valuable users.

Increase Win Rate

Preciso Smart-Bid Platform is designed to bid smart and convert more. We focus on lower-funnel that will increase traffic that matters, leverage users’ data to increase win rate and show them more relevant ads.

Boost Sales

Boost your website conversions by using path to purchase data to target shoppers most likely to result in increased sales

Global Presence, Global Impact

Performance is at the heart of our business. We help you convert users into buyers across different channels and devices. What’s more, we run campaigns globally and can target your users anywhere!