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Value over vanity: Why long-term measurability is the key to effective marketing | Analysis

In the digital advertising landscape, each ad impression presents a revenue opportunity for numerous participants, regardless of quality.

This competitive scenario often results in many entities competing to claim their share of the profits. Regrettably, many of the existing systems in this landscape are susceptible to manipulation, often rewarding ad spaces based on ‘vanity metrics’ such as viewability or click-through rates.

‘Dragging on for too long’: Ad execs sound off on the beginning of the end of third-party cookies in Google’s Chrome

The countdown to a (third-party) cookieless Chrome has started. Google is disabling third-party cookies for 1% of its Chrome users worldwide, which will affect 32 million of its 3.22 billion international users of the browser. It’s a small step for Google, but a giant leap into the unknown for digital advertising.

Chrome ‘C-day’: Adtechs on Google’s cookie switch-off

Global tech giant Google today starts turning off internet cookies for some users of its Chrome search engine, marking the end of an era in web tracking.

Although only 1% of Chrome users are likely to be affected it still represents a chunky 30 million people around the world, and sets new boundaries for brands and advertisers in the digital world.

Predictions 2024: Adtechs gaze into the year ahead

As the current year draws to a close, we want to know what 2024 may have in store for brands and advertisers from the point of view of the adtech world.

While 2023 was dominated by economic woe, geopolitical tensions and increasing legislation, our leading experts in the adtech sector share their predictions for brands, agencies and digital publishers for the coming year.

Preciso teams up with AI Chip Centre, Digital University of Kerala

The AI Chip Centre develops hardware efficient algorithms and chips in the areas of computational AI, imaging and sensing systems.

Preciso’s technology is designed to help advertisers to reach the right audiences and boost return on ad spend – going beyond traditional media metrics and delivering exceptional returns in programmatic advertising, thanks to precise media buying.

ChatGPT one year on: Adtechs on AI’s great new hope

A year ago today a US-based tech firm called OpenAI promised to usher in a new era of artificial intelligence with the launch of ChatGPT.

Immediately, we all started signing in and asking question of this great new arrival, but it also found itself wonting, giving sometimes inaccurate or worse Wiki-style answers.

Small retailers – get the details right and BFCM glory can be yours

Where Black Friday and Cyber Monday are concerned, there doesn’t seem to be any such thing as a bad year. Rocky economies, troubling inflation, a whirlwind of troubling geopolitical headlines? People are still going to spend, and they’re most likely to do it between November 24 and 27. Here’s what we’re seeing as we sail into the festive season.

Black Friday: Media leaders on winning brand strategies

The world’s brands are poised for the biggest pre-Christmas retail event of the year, Black Friday, which kicks into gear tomorrow (Friday, 24 November).

But against a backdrop of global economic woe, the ongoing cost-of-living crises and multiple geo-political tensions, how will consumers respond?

CQ&A: the challenges of leveraging programmatic for ecommerce

Preciso is a demand-side smart-bid platform for media buying. In other words, it uses customer journey data and machine learning to optimise dynamic creative ad campaigns. The platform calculates the best value placements in real time by learning and predicting customer behaviour.

Cracking the trifecta of programmatic advertising

We live in a fast-paced, lean-forward society. Consumers are time-poor and attention is at a premium. So how can agencies, brand advertisers or freelance marketers achieve the holy trinity of digital advertising – reaching the right audience, at the right time, with the right message?

Why brands can’t afford to ignore Shopify audience data

Shopify offers many benefits for small and medium-sized enterprises looking to build successful ad campaigns, thanks to its global reach and comprehensive range of integrations and APIs. Currently, it ranks fourth across the globe, holding approximately 10% of the ecommerce market, just behind Squarespace, Woo Themes, and WooCommerce.

Why you should leverage Shopify data for your ad campaigns

Shopify is a huge name in ecommerce. The business itself increased its total revenue by 22% to $1.4bn in Q3 2022, and is seeing a three-year compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 52%. This increase in growth is largely fuelled by its global multi-million network of merchants, processing an average of 152.6m orders per month. But why is Shopify so popular? And how can your business take advantage of what it has to offer when it comes to building your ad campaigns?

Clarity, Choice and Customisation – the cocktail for campaign success

Preciso’s Demand-side platform (DSP) is an easy-to-use, full-service platform for ecommerce businesses, enabling advertisers to launch and optimise their campaigns in just a few clicks. It is fully integrated with major ecommerce platforms such as Shopify, Magento, Bigcommerce and WooCommerce, plus a range of other integrations such as WordPress, meaning getting up and running couldn’t be easier. 

Programmatic themes in 2023: what should you expect

India is absolutely becoming a part of the global market. The Indian market has grown a lot, together with the international market. And whatever the new trend may be – both industry-wise but also in consumer terms – whatever products we are seeing globally, whichever big brands are operating elsewhere…..

How COVID Supercharged India’s Digital Habits?

Preciso is based in Italy and you operate from Canada, but you are from Kerala, your data scientists are based in India and you have plenty of clients there – what is your perception of the Indian market? It is very well advanced, it has a wide reach. More than anything, that is because customers are moving from physical purchases to online buying.

Is header bidding the driving force to creating a fairer ad ecosystem?

The cookie landscape is set to look very different next year – like it not, ready or ill prepared, change is coming. As the industry shifts away from a reliance on platforms such as Google Chrome, everyone from publishers and ad servers to brands and media agencies, is recognising the need to share first-party data. First-party data allows for a more transparent ecosystem.

WARC’s Trillion dollar ad spend forecast – industry comment

Despite the current economic turbulence, the global advertising market is set to pass the trillion dollar market for the first time in the coming year, driven by the biggest players in the social media and e-commerce sectors. This is how WARC’s latest ad spend report, published last week, sees the near term future, as the world reels from nearly two years of excessive inflation, energy price hikes and growing pressure on the consumer.

How Preciso support advertisers with smart targeting

We ensure their campaigns deliver, and we’re also committed to helping them save money in the process. That’s why the technology only buys impressions that deliver results. Our Smart-Bid Platform uses customer journey data and deep learning to optimise the serving of dynamic creative ads. By predicting customer behaviours, it calculates the optimal value of placements in real-time bidding marketplaces.

Preciso announces integration with Shopify

Bid-smart DSP Preciso today announces the full-scale launch of its integration with multinational ecommerce platform Shopify. Preciso becomes the first real-time bidding system to offer targeted display advertising campaigns specifically to small- and medium-sized merchants, through a user-friendly, plug-and-play interface.

GDPR five years on: Industry leaders share their comments

It’s been five years since the GDPR – the General Data Protection Regulation – was implemented by the European Parliament. Designed to enhance the rights of individual citizens in our increasingly digital world, they have changed the landscape for the use of personal data. A lot has happened since 2018, so where are we with it after five years? We asked our industry leaders for their take on the GDPR.

Targeted advertising: how effective are online ads and what is the future of it

Targeted advertising was almost revolutionary. There is a certain impressive, although slightly dystopian play in monitoring online searches to track patterns and create algorithms to persuade people to manoeuvre towards a product or service. They can often come across as creepy too – as it can predict your next wanted purchase and offers it to you before you weigh up whether you need it.

MarTech Interview with Piero Pavone, CEO at Preciso

“I have more or less 20 years of experience in the industry, from online marketing and email marketing to Google AdWords, and then display advertising. Preciso is the result of several years’ hard work testing the first DSPs in the market, such as AppNexus and other tools available in the industry.”


We did, and this follows on from integrations with other ecommerce platforms, including Magento and BigCommerce. What this offers is a real-time bidding system that small and medium-sized retailers can use to deliver targeted display campaigns. Traditionally this has been difficult for small vendors that lack the in-house technology teams and large budgets to make this viable. Now they can take advantage of this advertising opportunity.

Black Friday on a digital advertising budget

Each year Black Friday fires the starter gun on the festive spending season that runs from late November to early January. This six-week stint also encompasses Cyber Monday, the Christmas and January sales, and represents one of the most highly anticipated commerce periods of the year.

IPA Bellwether Q2 2023: Industry reaction

A record rise in sales promotions this quarter and an increase in direct marketing was interesting to see, but not unsurprising. These channels are traceable, and there will be a big drive to track and scrutinise all brand marketing efforts. The cost-of-living crisis has been rumbling on for over a year and now it’s really starting to bite. The latest interest rates hike affecting mortgages means even more people across the country are feeling the effects.

Predictions Series 2022: AiThority Interview with Anoop Ramachandran, Chief Technology Officer at Preciso

Basically we came from an advertiser environment, where we were managing multiple direct clients and were very, very close to advertisers. And when we started our DSP, what we realised is that these platforms were actually built for publishers, and their objective is to make us spend money with those publishers, not necessarily to provide the best inventory for the advertiser. That frustrated us a lot.


Smart Bid technology only buys impressions that deliver results. It uses data from all touch points across the customer journey, and combines them with machine learning to predict customer behaviours. It then calculates the optimal value of placements in real-time bidding marketplaces in order to optimise creative dynamically as it is served. But the defining factor of smart bid technology is the ability to bid for an impression based on multiple metrics instantaneously.

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