Fueled by people
& performance


Who We Are

Founded in 2020, Preciso is a rising adtech company with more than a decade of programmatic bidding technology experience. Preciso delivers performance results on a global scale through their proprietary Preciso Smart-Bid Platform.

What We Do

We focus on delivering results through practical media buying made possible by intelligent logic that ultimately benefit the advertisers. Our pro-advertiser bidder algorithm solve the biggest problem in media buying. We are marketing over 50+ global cross-border e-commerce businesses across the globe.

Why We Do It

Over the years, we have realized that none of the existing DSPs and bidders offer a logic that ultimately favours the advertisers in terms of spending their hard earned money towards traffic acquisition. This is how Preciso Smart-Bid Platform was born.




We adapt and evolve fast

There is never a dull moment in tech development; we get creative, we have fun, we take risks. We are always learning, innovating and evolving in-house.

We think global

Having an international team gives us a dynamic advantage. We utilise cultural knowledge to foster a people-oriented culture and best practices.




We are committed to deliver

Our boutique approach is driven by the commitment to provide consistency and results. We take a transparent and fair stance and deliver true to it.

We focus on relationships

Our personable manner lends well to our ability to listen, learn and implement. We are proactive in finding the best solution for our partners.