Smart-Bid Advertising Platform


Preciso Smart-Bid Advertising, the proprietary tech at the core of our strategies

Preciso Smart-Bid Advertising Platform is a programmatic bidding technology which accelerates business ROAS by using consumer journey data along with dynamic creative units to deliver highly relevant ads across multiple channels.


What makes Preciso different?

Our flagship product Preciso Smart-Bid Advertising Platform uses customer journey data and machine learning to optimize serving dynamic creative ads.
It uses predictions of customer behaviors to calculate which display ads to buy in a real-time bidding marketplace.

Preciso Rank

A ranking system to capture data on customer journey and feed our machine learning algorithms.

Custom Strategies

Customisable algorithms and strategies to bid on the most valuable users & placements.

Dynamic Creatives

Dynamic creatives tailored to your needs and delivering the highest win rate in the market.


What advertising problems are solved by Preciso?

Our proprietary programmatic bidding technology Preciso Smart-Bid Platform was built to help advertisers the hardest problems in online advertising


Media Cost reduction


Increase on Conversion rate


Reduction of ads redundancy


Increase of Win Rate vs Peers