Preciso Bid-Smart Advertising

 Precise Ad Bids. Better ROAS

Preciso puts big brands’ capability at your fingertips. Access the same traffic as your brand name rivals, without blowing your budget. Smart targeting, precision media buying. 


Preciso shows real-time bids, users,and ad placements with clear numbers of total,won & excluded (unnecessary) traffic/ad placement/users)


Preciso invests campaign budget wisely by showing ads on qualified traffic with visible ad placements seen by real valuable online customers


Preciso invests campaign budget wisely by showing ads only on qualified traffic with visible ad placements seen by real valuable online customers


Strategies are aimed to help advertisers reach better KPIs by quality traffic targeting, accurate customer ranking & product recommendation.

Setting Up Your Online Store Is Just The Beginning.

To make your business a success and stand out online, you need high impact, budget-friendly advertising. You need Preciso.

There has never been a better time to be an e-commerce business but, standing out from the crowd can be a challenge. If you’ve struggled with online marketing and fear wasting your budget on adverts that aren’t seen by the right people, Preciso is the solution you’ve been searching for. A smart bid system that gives you the same tools that bigger brands use to succeed at a fraction of the cost, Preciso gives you precision targeting, prudent budgeting and tried-and-tested pro-merchant strategies.

Product promotion doesn’t need to be complicated. You need more of the right kind of eyeballs on your adverts and browsing your online store. Preciso delivers by filtering out irrelevant placements and qualifying traffic for more customers and more conversions.

But Preciso, a platform created by Advertisers for Advertisers have the perfect solution for that! Preciso advertising algorithms and ranking system gets your message straight across to the right people, so you won’t have to spend thousands on ads that won’t work.

With Preciso, you can save up on ads and buy traffic smarter because it helps you exclude all unnecessary traffic, ineffective ad placements and unqualified visitors. Your campaign budget are only spent on the traffic and visitors that matter to your business.

Conversion-Focused Ranking System.

Preciso’s Predictive Intelligence Ranking System uses real-time Machine Learning to predict how likely each possible customer will buy im the  next few days . Each user is put through a series of five ranks from the get-go to tailor-fit product recommendations to their browsing patterns to help you smartly sift through the audience to find the customer who will definitely click on ‘Buy’!

What’s more, this ranking system continuously learns from the patterns it gets for better and more focused predictions as you go.

FREE In-House Creative Team On Stand-By

What’s great about Preciso is that you can easily use templates to create or update your promotions. All you have to do is type out the information. It’s your choice if you want to add both text and images to your various ads like static banners or even request for dynamic banners.

And if you need help, our in-house creative team is also on-hand for any design change you need for free. They can also work through the creative proceed while keeping in mind your brand’s campaign goals.

Pricing For Preciso Smart Bid Advertising App

Preciso Bid-Smart For Merchant Is Free To Install.
No monthly plan subscription
No platform fee

When you are ready to start your ads campaign, simply add a fund to your Preciso account. This fund will serve as your campaign budget and will only be deducted according to the actual cost of the traffic where your ads ran.

Preciso charges and invoices can be accessed through your Preciso Account and will not appear in your e-commerce store hosting or provider.